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Best herbs which help in effective weight loss

Most of the people want to be on diet but they fail to do.The reason behind it is they cant stop by seeing pizzas, cheeseburgers,potato-crisps and should firstly follow the diet correctly.Secondly one should boost metabolism and digestion to shed fat.For this process, we should follow ayurvedic herbs and spices which are easily available for us and even they don’t cause any side effects too.So guys have a look at the many herbs which have medicinal values:

Best herbs for weight loss:

As there a lot of herbs which have medicinal values and help in weight loss but we may not easily collect them.so, we will discuss only some of the easily available herbs used for weight loss.


1.Aloe vera for weight loss

aloe vera-weight loss

Aloe vera is a stemless plant with fleshy leaves which contain gell like consistency used to treat hair, skin problems and also helps in weight loss.It contains antioxidants that can detoxify and clean the body, boosts metabolism and vitamins that help in proper functioning of the body.

  • Take 1-2 spoons of aloe vera gel daily early in the morning which helps in weight loss

2. Neem leaves for weight loss

Neem is a medicinal tree.Its leaves, branches, and fruits have medicinal properties which are used since ages to treat many health conditions.Neem leaves contain antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

  • Take 4-5 fresh leaves or a spoon full of neem extract daily.

3.Hibiscus tea for weight loss

Hibiscus tea is an extract from colored hibiscus flower.Hibiscus has diuretic properties and helps to prevent bloating. It contains an enzyme called, phaseolamin that inhibits the production of another enzyme, amylase. Amylase helps to break down carbs into sugar molecules. And therefore by limiting the production of amylase, phaseolamin reduces carb absorption by the body.

  • Take two cups of hibiscus daily which helps in weight loss.

4.Green tea for weight loss

Green tea is always the best herbal tea for weight loss. It is rich in antioxidants called catechins. One of the catechins known as the Epigallocatechin gallate is a metabolism booster. Also, though green tea contains caffeine in lesser amounts when compared to coffee, caffeine helps to stimulate fat burning and better muscle performance

  • Take a cup of green tea with honey daily which results in weight loss.

5.Rosemary tea for weight loss

Rosemary is a  herb with green needle-like leaves. It is commonly used in food recipes, and its tea helps to reduce weight. Rosemary is a rich source of the enzyme lipase. Lipase is responsible for breaking down the fat molecules. Rosemary also contains fiber, which prevents fat absorption and keeps you full for longer hours.

  • Take a 400mg i.e a spoon full of rosemary daily for effective weight loss.

Above mentioned are only some herbs which help in weight loss. Meanwhile, I will post some more articles on other spices which play a vital role in effective weight loss.

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Best herbs helps in effective weight loss
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Best herbs helps in effective weight loss
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