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Bava Niku 1 Lakh, Naku 60 K- KTR

An interesting and candid conversation has taken place between KT Ramarao and Harish Rao. KTR who caught up with Harish on the sidelines, congratulated Harish Rao by shaking hands and embracing him. KTR hugged Harish Rao and said, “Bava, Niku 1 Lakh majority.”

Delighted with KTR’s congratulations, Harish thanked KTR and asked back how much his majority would be. And KTR’s reply is epic. KTR replied, “Nakuda 60,000 majority vastadi anukunta…nee dantla sagam…siddipet la sagam ina techukovali kada.”

The conversation of KTR and Harish was captured by the TV cameras. And this video of their conversation is now going viral online.

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