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Bathukamma The Telangana Festival

Bathukamma, a festival of so many lives, a festival of flowers, festival of women, a festival of the golden nava telangana:

When the Telangana formed as new state then the government declared Bathukamma as the telangana state festival. From 2014 Bathukamma festival is helding by our M.P. Kavitha (President at Telangana Jagruthi), daughter of C.M. KCR .. in a very high level which is making every telanganite to be united.( Nava Telangana exclusive coverage)

Bathukamma festival is very popular in all over telangana. Now the jagruthi associates are planning it to make it as a world famous festival. Because no festival is like women coming outside and taking flowers to a place where they can gather and singing with dancing  on so many telangana songs.


The meaning of this festival is Life + mother, that means the mother who is giving her life to make us live happy. So praying our mother is the main theme of bathukamma. And so many stories and mythological stories there on this festival. As so many knows bathukamma.Bathukamma is a Floral Festival celebrated by Telangana Hindu Women and is devoted to Goddess sati .This celebration is an image of Telangana’s cultral identity. Consistently this Festival falls on September – October. This year 2016 Bathukamma Festival Dates falls on October 1, 2016, to tenth October 2016. This festival is praised for nine days in the mean time every single other state .In  India it is  Celebrated as Dussehra Festival.

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Story Of Bathukamma:

Story of Bathukamma 1: According So many historical researches by our Telangana people Bathukamma festival is celebrating on the name of Parvathi the Goddess and Wife of Shiva. Parvathi is also known as Bathukamma. She got that name because of her interest on flowers. Flowers are arranged in a gopura shape by parvathi devi on vijaya dashami day which comes in spring season. On worship of Parvathi devi People make the bathukamma  and celebrate the festival.

Story of Bathukamma 2: Anoyther mythology here for celebrating Bathukamma all over Telangana region of Telangana in India. In pallava dynasty Dharmangada named king is ruling the Telangana region. His wife that means queen gave birth to 100 of sons but everybody died after the delivery. And after so many  prayers and worships to Goddess Parvathi they got a Girl Child. They named her as Laxmi and when she came to the kingdom of pallava so many problems are solved automatically. So people called her as Bathukamma which means live forever. So on the name of her every year Dharmangada celebrated Bathukamma festival which is Telangana Flowers festival

Soon we will put some of stories which we came to know by our Grand Parents…. ( Nava Telangana Exclusive Coverage).

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