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Bathukamma sarees distribution

Bathukamma Saree distributon from Today | Bathukamma festival 2017

The Dussehra sari proposed by the state government will be distributed from Monday to Dussehra festival. Around 4 lakh sarees were prepared for Rs 222 crore. Of this, 52 lakh saris were collected from the state handloom workers. From time to time, the rest of the sarees were collected from Surat.

Sarkar decided to distribute Batukhamma Sarees only for women with white ration card covering 18 years. Women’s officers in the Chief Minister’s office showed special attention on the quality of the garments, manufacture, printing, and brick bordering on sarees.

The government has been entrusted with TESCO MD Shailaja Ramayyer to oversee the quality standards of imported sarees from Surat.

From next year, the government has announced that Telangana leaders will be able to hand over sarees to the workforce to provide employment of Rs 15,000 each month to each handkerchief worker.

The government, which is already distributing garments for Ramzan and Christmas, said that the change in the crisis of handloom workers by the Batu Kammam Sari Distribution Program.

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