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Why Bathukamma is prestigious for Telangana People | Bathukamma 2017

Bathukamma, Festival of flowers. It is a state festival for Telangana State. In 2014 when Telangana state is formed CM KCR officially announced that Bathukamma is the state festival of Telangana.

Regionally it is the biggest festival. Bathukamma has Guinness Record of playing 30000 women at one place for a festival. It’s been a great honor to the Telangana state.

Yeah, coming to the point that why Bathukamma is that much prestigious to Telangana State?? Here is a thing is for that. When Nizam rulers were ruling the Hyderabad State, Telangana people were a little afraid about the rules. So to unite every one of those people who are active this festival began.

Actually, this festival is running every year on Bhadrapada Amavasya as Boddemma/ Bathukamma and more names are there. But when it came to uniting people there is only one way i.e. gathering. But when people gather at one place Nizam rulers may come and destroy them.

So the only place where people unite is Bathukamma. So Telangana people have been chosen this festival will glow light in their lives. As they thought that gathering empowered them to get free from them.

But after Nizam rulers, Telangana got united with Andhra State which is separated from Madras state. On the basis of language, Telangana and Andhra state united to form Andhra Pradesh state.

According to the Big men, this state has formed with some rules and regulations in it. But somewhere it has misled by politicians and no funds has raised for Telangana improvement. So KCR has started a party named Telangana Rashtra Samithi and started a movement to get separate Telangana state.

For this movement also gathering of people important. So here the only one thought to unite that is Bathukamma festival. People played Bathukamma to unite all Telanganites to get the state separately.

Everybody participated well in the movement and in 2014 separate Telangana state has formed and TRS came into Government. And after that, they stated that Bathukamma would be the State Festival for the Telangana.

That’s why Telangana people take Bathukamma as a prestigious festival to them.

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