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What is Bathukamma

What is Bathukamma? | Bathukamma Festival 2017

Bathukamma is itself in the name as Bathuku, means Life and Amma, means mother. It means the mother of life. Bathukamma is the form of Goddess Parvathi Devi. This is the very famous festival in Telangana State. Actually, this festival is for women especially. But in the Telangana region, it is celebrated by every people besides their status and their name and all. Here everything is common in the name of Bathukamma.

Now we are going to see how Bathukamma came and all the History. Just read the article I have written on this site. Bathukamma History all you need to know. For Telugu people, I have written in Telugu also. Just Get through my article Bathukamma Charitra in Telugu.

And here you can know about How Bathukamma became the state festival of Telangana.

After the History, you have to know about the flowers used in Bathukamma making. because these flowers are the special one by their name and time they come. Here are the flowers used in Bathukamma Making.

Bathukamma Images Hd 6

What is Bathukamma: Bathukamma festival 2017

Yeah, I think you got the details and you have to know this thing also about Bathukamma. That is the festival and the days of Bathukamma. Bathukamma celebrates at the time of Dussehra and as per the Telugu calendar, it is Bhadrapada Amavasya time. Frome that time to 9 days the festival goes on. If you want to know those 9 days names then just visit my article on Bathukamma 9 days names.

Bathukamma is the festival of flowers and more importantly, it is a festival of songs also. Bathukamma is incomplete if the songs are not there in the celebrations. If you want to listen and download the famous Bathukamma songs just visit my article on Top 10 Bathukamma songs that everybody should hear and Download,

As you got now what the Bathukamma is then just simply click and download the images of Bathukamma at Bathukamma Images HD Download.

I think every thing is clear about Bathukamma now. So here the BathukammaFestival 2017 is on September 28, 2017. So make for it and go with it. And celebrate the Bathukamma in a good manner.

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