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Bathukamma 2017 celebrations

Bathukamma 2017 Celebrations, Images, Videos | Telangana State Festival

Bathukamma is the State Festival of Telangana. It is very well known thing for the world. When Telangana movement is ON then Bathukamma is the thing that People have got at one place. Now it is the well-known festival in the country

From Telangana Formation Day, Bathukamma festival is taking place in a wonderful way. Telangana CM KCR released so many funds for Bathukamma.

KCR bathukamma 2017

As we had got reports from last years, KCR announced 10 crores for Bathukamma festival every year. It’s been huge funding for a festival in the whole country. Rs. 1 crore for each district to celebrate Bathukamma on a grand scale.

An additional 20 lakhs will be allotted to each district of Telangana this year. But now Telangana has 31 districts. We have to wait and see what is the fund for this year’s Bathukamma Celebrations 2017.

Mega Bathukamma Maha Bathukamma

Every year there will be Mega Bathukamma event in the LB Stadium, Hyderabad. In 2017 also Telangana Jagruthi president Smt. K Kavitha has planned very well for the event.

According to the event, there should be the huge gathering of women in LB stadium. Up to 15000 women will gather there for the Mega Bathukamma.

This Maha Bathukamma created Guinness Record last year By gathering 9992 women at one place and playing Bathukamma. It could be the best thing for a festival.

And More will come. Bathukamma is the heart beat of Telangana people. So wait for the songs, images, Videos on Bathukamma 2017.

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