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New 500 note from RBI

All you need to know about New 500 Note from RBI

Reserve Bank of India is equipping to issuing another cluster of cash notes in 500 sections with inset letter ‘A’. in both the number boards at the upper left and lower right corners of the front part.

In the new Rs. 500 notes of Mahatma Gandhi Series issued after the dispatch of the section on November eighth a year ago, Inset letter “E” could be seen on both of the number boards.

Mahatma Gandhi picture, Ashoka symbol, Swachh Bharat logo and Year of Printing can be spotted on the notes. A picture of Red Fort shows up on the posterior of the notes.

All the Rs 500 notes bear the mark of current RBI Governor Urjit Patel on the front part.

Alongside that, the mark of RBI representative Urjit Patel and the time of printing as “2017” will be on the switch side of the note.

Other than these, the new money notes will look like the Mahatma Gandhi (new arrangement) Rs 500 banknote arrangement, affirmed RBI.

The Mahatma Gandhi (new arrangement) Rs 500 banknotes were acquainted after the administration’s choice with demonetize old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 banknotes in November 2016.

The national bank at that point had presented the new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 money notes.

The RBI, a week ago, said that more than 83 percent of the money had been demonetised as of now, albeit no official information is accessible to affirm the figures.

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