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Actress Pooja Hegde Shocking Remuneration For Next Movie

Pooja Hegde is one of the best actresses in Tollywood after on-screen characters of Telugu Cinema off-late. She has an extraordinary fan base and her look from Duvvada Jagannadam demonstrated the very thing.

The primary look publication highlighting her is most coursed and downloaded notice from a Telugu Cinema after Baahubali2 notices this year. As indicated by a few promoting groups, this stunning measurement has made numerous makers to take a gander at her as the best alternative for their huge preparations

As off now, Pooja Hegde is wrapping up Duvvada Jagannadam and Prabhas, Saaho could arrive up in her kitty if the makers hope to run with her the same number of the Bollywood on-screen characters have been asking immense sums as compensation.

Indeed, even Pooja Hegde expanded her Duvvada Jagannadam of the talk mongers are to be accepted. The on-screen character has been drawn closer to be thrown in Bellamkonda Srinivas’ next. Sriwass will coordinate the film and Pooja Hegde cited one crore in addition to administration assess as her compensation it appears.

While the makers are contemplating it, Bellamkonda Suresh took the matters into his hand and he is consulting with the group. According to a few others, she acknowledged the offer and Suresh persuaded the makers to pay her the compensation, she cited.

We can’t generally say if this is valid or false, yet even we are astonished to hear such high sum.

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